Centrum Badań Kosmicznych PAN

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SolpeX (misja Kortes / ISS)

SolpeX is the soft X-ray polarimeter-spectrometer to be built by CBK PAN for the International Space Station. The instrument consists of three functional blocks to be placed inside Russian-build KORTES assembly. Delivery of KORTES to the ISS is planned for 2017/2018. The three SolpeX units are: the rotating bent-crystal polarimeter (B-POL), a fast rotating drum spectrometer RDS, and the pin-hole imager. B-POL will hopefully detect (for the first time) the polarization of the soft X-ray lines and continuum around a photon energy of ~3keV, which is expected to be present during impulsive phase of flares. RDS will take spectral measurements covering the entire soft X-ray range 1.5Å–23Å up to 10 times per sec and the pin-hole will image the solar disk in a softer X-ray range detecting position and the light curves of individual events.

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