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RFA (misja RELEC)

The RELEC satellite was launched on July 8, 2014 into the Sun’s synchronous orbit with apogee: 830km, perigee: 640km and inclination: 98,4deg. The aim of the RELEC mission is to study the precipitation of the magnetosphere’s relativistic electrons and their impact on the Earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere including the observations of fast transient phenomena in the upper atmosphere. The Radio Frequency Analyser (RFA) had been developed by Polish CBK PAN. It is devoted to diagnosing temporal and spatial electric field fluctuation in the frequency range 20kHz – 15.0MHz. In order to observe the effects related to the thunderstorm activity, the instrument have a possibility to register very fast waveforms (25ns). The instrument can also be used for monitoring the electromagnetic ecosystem for space weather purposes.

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