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HP3 (misja InSight)

InSight is a NASA mission which will place a lander on Mars in order to explore the Martian interior by conducting geophysical studies. It addresses one of the most fundamental questions of the space science i.e. the process of shaping the Red planet. CBK PAN participates in the construction of the HP3 instrument which is one of the three instruments that will be placed on the lander. HP3 stands for Heat Flow and Physical Properties Package and it will delve around 5 meters into the Martian surface. The development of the instrument is coordinated by the German Aerospace Centre DLR and the responsibility of CBK PAN comprises of the manufacturing the mole drive mechanical parts and analysing science data from HP3 instrument including studies of Martian regolith mechanical properties and numerical analyses of atmosphere-surface interaction on Mars. The lander InSight was launched in  May 2018.

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