Centrum Badań Kosmicznych PAN

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The nanosat constelation for optoelectronic imaging PIAST

The main goal is to develop a component of the national satellite data acquisition system for the needs of informative reconnaissance of the battlefield and providing the individual components of the Polish Armed Forces with up-to-date information strategic and operational.
The project will test the operation of a steered constellation of three nanosatellites (the precursor of the future constellation) Earth observation. The purpose of the demonstration is to show the operational capacity and maturity of Polish technologies to obtain visualize in visible writing.

Role of the CBK PAN: Task manager
PI of the CBK PAN site
: dr hab. Mirosław Rataj
Funding source: The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) – SZAFIR programme
Total project cost: 70 159 890,00 PLN
Timeframe: 01.06.2021 – 31.05.2025
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