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SoilAqChar. Water in soil ‐ satellite monitoring and improving the retention using biochar

The core of SoilAqChar project is related to strategically important protection of Polish soil water resources. Proposed tasks will be focused on monitoring of soil water content using spaceborne remote sensing techniques and improvement of structure and physico‐chemical properties of Polish soils amended with biochar. In the project we will use satellite images from SMOS and Sentinel 1 which cover area of the entire territory of Poland. Satellite studies will be supported by extensive experimental campaign including ex situ and in situ studies of soils and effects related to biochar.

Aim of the project SoilAqChar is development of methods for environmental monitoring by means of satellite remote sensing accessible for farmers and authorities. Furthermore, we will explore the potential of CO2 sequestration by biochar usage on Polish farmlands. Deployment of the prototype of software and biochar technologies development will help to control and improve the properties of soils on Polish farmlands.

Principal Investigator: Jan Słomiński
Funding source: NCBR
: 1 stycznia 2018 – 31 grudnia 2020

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