Centrum Badań Kosmicznych PAN

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PROBA 3 Coronagraph Control Box (P3 CCB). Filter Wheel Assembly & Polarisers (FWA)

Goal of P3 CCB project is to build Sun Coronagraph controller, managing main scientific payload of PROBA3 mission. CCB controller plays also a vital role in satellite’s attitude and orbit determination functionality. CCB controller is based on FPGA technology (both antifuse nad reconfigurable) which hase been developed in CBK PAN for years. P3 CCB is build by consortium, lead by CBK with N7 Mobile, Creotech, Astri Polska, and in next phases, WB Electronics as subcontractors. CBK PAN is responsible for CCB procurement in front of CSL, which is prime contractor for whole Coronagraph instrument and is directly interfaced to ESA. (Applies to P3 CCB).

Principal Investigator: Mirosław Rataj, Konrad Skup
Funding source: ESA
: Jul. 1, 2015 – Sep. 1, 2019

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