Centrum Badań Kosmicznych PAN

tel. (+48) 224-966-200

Polish Technical Participation in Phase D of STIX / Solar Orbiter Project

STIX – The Spectrometer/Telescope for Imaging X-rays is one of 10 instruments on board Solar Orbiter a M-class mission of the European Space Agency (ESA). The STIX science goal is to study the acceleration mechanism of energetic electrons and to serve as the observational link between remote sensing and in situ measurements. In the project the CBK PAN is responsible for:

  1. Instrument Data Processing Unit (IDPU) including:
  • IDPU hardware;
  • low level flight software (BSW);
  • IDPU Box – mechanical frame for IDPU and PSU; The CBK is also responsible for integration of the IDPU with PSU (delivered by Czech Rep.) into the IDPU Box. The CBK shall then deliver the integrated IDPU Box to the STIX PI (FHWN/Switzerland).
  1. Thermal Modeling of the whole Instrument and its subsystems, verification of the model through dedicated TV and TB tests.
  2. Instrument Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE). This phase of the project, is the last phase related to building the STIX instrument. The final results of the project are qualification and flight models of the IDPU and IDPU Box.

Principal investigator: Konrad Skup
Funding source: ESA
: Sep. 1, 2014 – Jun. 30, 2019

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