Centrum Badań Kosmicznych PAN

tel. (+48) 224-966-200

OPS-SAT satellite

OPS-SAT (3U CubeSat) will be a safe, hardware/software laboratory, flying in a LEO orbit, reconfigurable at every layer from channel coding upwards, devoted to demonstrate innovative new mission operation concepts.

This ESA mission aims at providing powerful in-orbit tools to an emerging experimenter’s community which is keen to demonstrate advanced concepts for future space applications, such as: an in-orbit test-bed for on-board software applications, advanced communication protocols, compression techniques, demonstration of advanced software defined radio concepts for communication purposes, optical communications from ground to space for several purposes, experiments using cameras, attitude control, scheduling and autonomy experiments as well as ground-based applications. Polish entities involved in the project:

  • CBK PAN is responsible for developing hardware of CCSDS Engine (protocol converter)
  • Creotech Instruments will provide Engine’s firmware
  • GMV Poland is developing satellite’s on-board software.
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