Centrum Badań Kosmicznych PAN

tel. (+48) 224-966-200

EPOS- European Plate Observation System (EPOS- PL+)

The gravimeter installed at the CBK PAN Observatory in Borowiec will link the GNSS and SLR position measurements to local changes in the gravitational field (tides). It will also allow for the analysis of the influence of the gravitational field  on the behavior of the cesium fountain – changes in clock frequency  associated with the infrared shift. Data from Borowiec will be part of a nationwide gravimetric database.

PI of the task: prof. Jolanta Nastula
Funding source: Program Operacyjny Inteligentny Rozwój na lata 2014 – 2020. Działanie 4.2. Rozwój nowoczesnej infrastruktury badawczej sektora nauki
Project value: 52 844 599.09 PLN
European Funds contribution: 37 853 456.48 PLN
Value of the tasks of CBK PAN: 1 402 271,35
2020-01-01 – 2023-12-31
Websitte: https://epos-pl-plus.eu/

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