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EOTiST aims to enhance the S&T capacity of the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences (CBK PAN) and to achieve excellence in research of EO products’ assimilation in the ecosystem assessment and monitoring by starting close collaboration with 3 European centres of excellence: CNR (Italy), CERTH (Greece) and CREAF (Spain).
The concept of ecosystem services is derived from economic sciences and is related to the concept of natural capital. Ecosystem services (ES) are understood as benefits obtained by humans from the environment, There are 3 main groups of ES: supply services (food, energy), regulatory services (CO2 sequestration, soil protection against erosion, soil purification) and cultural services (tourism and recreation, education, aesthetic impressions). Monitoring of ecosystem services using terrestrial methods is very expensive or sometimes even impossible, especially if we want to cover entire regions or the world. Thanks to satellite data, we can provide new information about ecosystems in a continuous manner, both in space and time, determine the dynamics of changes taking place in ES delivery and create forecast models for the development of a given area. This is of particular importance in the sustainable management of resources.

Specific goals are to be pursued:

  • enhance S&T capacity of the coordinating institution. Training activities targeted to the exact needs of the CBK PAN constitute the key part of EOTiST, after a dedicated SWOT analysis. Existing non-exploited potential will be enhanced and further training of the personnel and affiliated scientists performed,
  • upgrade research profile of the CBK PAN and the profile of its staff by mobilizing and training of personnel. Key training actions include workshops, staff visits, and on-line courses and target PhD students, early stage researchers, postdoctoral students, researchers and administrative staff,
  • increase research excellence and stimulate innovation of the coordinating institution. EOTiST will build on CNR, CREAF and CERTH excellence and their networks to advance CBK PAN research and innovation performance through knowledge transfer and exchange of best practices,
  • achieve sustainable progress and future development for the today’s seed group in CBK PAN. The partners will develop a strategic partnership based on reinforced dialogue and consultation. EOTiST will explore collaboration chances with local stakeholders and perform a market and product feasibility analysis to introduce new products/ technologies within Poland,
  • promote the involvement of early stage researchers in the CBK PAN. Early stage researchers will be acquainted with specific knowledge and technical skills to organise scientific work and present research results,
  • develop joint research initiatives and projects. Partners will mobilize existing networks and resources to formulate research initiatives and projects,
  • enhance CBK PAN management skills.
Project duration:October 1, 2020 – March 31, 2024
Funding:H2020-WIDESPREAD-2018-2020 (Twinning)
Principal Investigator:dr Edyta Woźniak
Project websiteeotist.cbk.waw.pl
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