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Recruitment to the GeoPlanet Doctoral School is conducted through a competitive process. A person may be admitted to the doctoral school if he/she holds a Master’s degree, Master of Engineering or equivalent. The candidate should choose a research topic from the attached list and contact the supervisor or present his/her own topic approved by the potential promoter.

It is required predisposition to research work and knowledge of English language (in case of foreign promoter only English title is given). Other detailed requirements are given next to each topic. Candidates should get in touch with the chosen promoter as soon as possible.

Recruitment lasts till 15.09.2022

Interview date: 20-22.09.2022

Documents should be delivered only in electronic form by sending them to: studium@cbk.waw.pl

Required documents:

  1. Application for admission to the Doctoral School, together with consent to process personal data for the purpose of the recruitment process and a statement that you are familiar with the GeoPlanet Doctoral School Recruitment Regulations. Application form for admission to the GeoPlanet Doctoral School
  2. Copy of graduation diploma or certificate of graduation. Note: If a candidate does not have the above mentioned documents, he/she is obliged to provide them before the admission to the PhD School.
  3. A transcript of the grades obtained in the first and second cycle studies or a transcript of the grades obtained in the course of the unified master’s studies.
  4. Curriculum vitae (CV), including the course of education and employment to date.
  5. A letter of motivation including a brief description of academic interests, scientific achievements, a list of publications, information about the involvement in scientific activities (membership in scientific clubs, participation in scientific conferences, internships and training, awards and honors) and justification of your intention to study at the Ph. 
  6. Certificates or other documents proving the candidate’s level of English language proficiency, if available.
  7. At least one letter of recommendation from the candidate’s current supervisor or other academic staff member about the candidate’s academic performance to date.

The recruitment process will take place in two stages:

Stage I – evaluation of the submitted documentation

  • scientific achievements of the candidate (0-5 points) on the basis of grades from studies, scientific and popular science publications, patent applications, awards and distinctions resulting from conducting research or student activity, scientific scholarships;
  • the candidate’s academic and professional experience (0-5 points) based on participation in conferences, workshops, training courses and internships, participation in research and commercial projects, involvement in societies and scientific circles. Candidate must obtain a minimum of 6 points in the first stage to qualify for the second stage.

Stage II – an interview during which the committee will assess:

  • candidate’s knowledge of the discipline represented by the institute (0-3 points);
    knowledge of the topic chosen by the candidate within the chosen research topic (0-3 points);
  • motivation and predisposition to scientific work (0-4 points).Those who score no more than 10 points in the admission process will not be admitted to the doctoral school.

The Institute will inform the candidates about the results within 7 days after the last interview. If a sufficient number of candidates is not found within the indicated recruitment period, the Institute will announce additional recruitment.

Conditions of studying

Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences offers PhD studies in Earth and Environmental Sciences as part of the Doctoral School.

During the course of studies, a PhD student attends lectures and participates in research under the guidance of a supervisor.

The study is four years long and ends with the submission of a doctoral dissertation. Each student receives a doctoral scholarship of 2100 PLN.

All information about the studies can be obtained from the Ph:

Prof. Wiesław Macek, e-mail: macek@cbk.waw.pl, phone: 22 49 66 309


secretariat of the studies:

Monika Kowalczyk, email: studium@cbk.waw.pl, phone: 22 49 66 236

Substantive information is provided by the supervisors (see the list of proposed thesis topics).

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