Centrum Badań Kosmicznych PAN

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PhD studies

The CBK PAN offers four-year interdisciplinary doctoral studies in the satellite Earth exploration and the Solar System. Detailed information (in Polish) can be accessed at this page.

The studies are organized in two profiles:

  • Earth’s space environment physics
  • Geodynamics

Principles and fees:

  • Studies are conducted according to general rules laid down for universities and institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences and are free.
  • During their studies, doctoral students receive a tax-free scholarship of 1400 zlotys and health insurance coverage.

Admission rules:

  • A doctoral candidate should have a university degree in the field either directly related to space research (geophysics, astronomy, physics, geodesy), or  likely to be used in such studies (such as electronics, computer science, material engineering, mechanics, geology, environmental engineering, etc.).
  • The candidate should demonstrate that their  graduation required completion of examinations in mathematics for at least  four semesters.
  • Good knowledge of English is required.
  • Admission to doctoral studies is conditional on the outcome of an interview. Theinterview should convince the committee that the candidate has the appropriate knowledge and intellectual abilities, but  academic achievements and any previous work are also takein into account.
  • Prior to being invited for their interview, candidates have to submit a complete set of documents required by the CBK PAN within a specified deadline.
For details contact:
  • PhD Studies Supervisor In the Centrum Badań Kosmicznych PAN
    Prof. dr hab. Wiesław Macek
    Phone no. +48 22 4966 309, macek@cbk.waw.pl
  • Mrs. Monika Kowalczyk
    Phone no. +48 22 4966 236,
    studium@cbk.waw.pl, monika@cbk.waw.pl
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