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Development of In-situ Regolith sampling Gear forGenerous Excavation of Regolith (DIGGER)

The objective of the project is to design, develop, manufacture, and test an Engineering Model of a lunar regolith sampling system that can acquire regolith samples from the lunar surface. The sampling system shall support sampling as well as sizeable acquisition of feedstock for small scale In-Situ Resource Utilization. The sampling system shall be verified in lunar regolith simulant and vacuum thermal conditions. As a consequence at the end of the project the system should reach TRL6. This development is based on the previous experience gained during PACKMOON sampling device development as well as previous activities i.e Chomik system development for Phobos Grunt mission, technological activities related to mole KRET development as well as MUPUS development for Rosetta mission. The project DIGGER is led by CBK PAN and it is funded by the European Space Agency in the frame of Expert activities in E3P program.

Principal Investigator: Karol Seweryn
Funding source: ESA
Timeframe: 20.07.2021 – 15.04.2024

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