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COLLARIS Network: COLLaborative network on unmanned AeRIal Systems

COLLARIS Network: COLLaborative network on unmanned AeRIal Systems will be a part of the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network. COLLARIS is a capacity-building initiative to develop a sustainable European network of scientific, engineering and end-user’s expertise related to unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in civil protection and disaster response. COLLARIS will cover the following thematic focus areas:

  • identification and sharing of operational procedures, lessons learnt and best practices using UAS,
  • elaboration of air traffic management challenges, solutions and operational practices,
  • acquisition of solutions for data analysis and data sharing, as well as auxiliary support systems (e.g. simulators),
  • development of methods of increasing end-users’ competences,
  • foresighting of new developments and future use case scenarios to identify tomorrow’s needs and gaps, technological capabilities and their potential applications.

PI of the CBK PAN site: Anna Nałęcz-Kobierzycka
Funding source: UCPM Knowledge Network
: 2023/01/01 – 2024/12/31

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