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Current missions

Logo of the Mars Express mission. Photo: ESA.

PFS (Mars Express mission)

MARS-EXPRESS was an ESA mission launched on June 2, 2003. The aim of the project was to investigate the surface and the atmosphere of Mars from its orbit. Poland was involved in the PFS experiment (Planetary Fourier Spectrometer). The

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Logo of the BepiColombo mission. Photo: ESA

MERTIS (BepiColombo mission)

BEPICOLOMBO is ESA’s mission to Mercury. It consists of two orbiters. One is for planetary studies (MPO) and the other for magnetospheric studies (MMO). Orbiters will reach Mercury in 2022. Polish CBK PAN is involved in the MPO-MERTIS (Mercury

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ASIM instrument attached to the International Space Station. Photo: NASA

MXGS (ASIM mission / ISS)

The Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor (ASIM) aboard ISS was proposed for studying the high-altitude, thunderstorm-related optical emission from the stratosphere and mesosphere. One of the two main instruments in ASIM is the Miniature-X and Gamma-ray Sensor (MXGS) designed by the

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InsSight spacecraft with HP3 instrument. Photo: NASA

HP3 (InSight mission)

InSight is a NASA mission which will place a lander on Mars in order to explore the Martian interior by conducting geophysical studies. It addresses one of the most fundamental questions of the space science i.e. the process of

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RFA (Obstanovka mission / ISS)

The OBSTANOVKA-1 experiment was delivered to ISS in its Russian Segment in February 2013, then mounted by cosmonauts outside the station (April 2013). The aim of the bstanovka experiment is to monitor and diagnose the electromagnetic radiation and property

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IBEX-Lo (IBEX mission)

IBEX (Interstellar Boundary Explorer) was a NASA’s Small Explorer heliospheric mission launched on October 19, 2008. Its aim was to investigate the interaction of the solar wind colliding with the inflowing interstellar matter. It was the first spacecraft able

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OPS-SAT satellite

OPS-SAT (3U CubeSat) will be a safe, hardware/software laboratory, flying in a LEO orbit, reconfigurable at every layer from channel coding upwards, devoted to demonstrate innovative new mission operation concepts. This ESA mission aims at providing powerful in-orbit tools

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DESIS instrument onboard the International Space Station. Photo: NASA/ESA/DLR

DESIS (payloday onboard ISS)

The DLR Earth Sensing Imaging Spectrometer (DESIS) environment and resource monitoring system was launched to the ISS in July 2018. The hyperspectral sensor system has 235 spectral channels with a spatial resolution of 30 metres. DLR and the US

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Part of the STIX instrument at the CBK PAN labs. Photo: CBK PAN

STIX (Solar Orbiter mission)

The STIX Solar Orbiter (SOLO) will be launched by ESA in 2018 to perform observations of the Sun, the inner heliosphere and solar wind. SOLO will fly towards the Sun and will have approached the star closer than any

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