Centrum Badań Kosmicznych PAN

tel. (+48) 224-966-200

Heliogeophysical Prediction Service Laboratory

Research Fields:

The Heliogeophysical Prediction Center (CPH) of the CBK PAN has been a member of the International Space Environmental Service (ISES) since 1996 and has the status of a Regional Warning Center. As part of the ISES network, RWC Warsaw exchanges data on the Sun, Earth and its space environment with other observers on an ongoing basis, provides online records of CBK PAN’s ionosonde measurements in Warsaw, runs a weather and know-how service on space weather in the broadest sense, publishes, among others. Among other things, it publishes the URSIGRAM Warsaw bulletin with ionospheric (data from the ionosonde of the CBK PAN in Warsaw) and magnetic (data from the Central Geophysical Observatory of the PAN in Belsk) data, and a communiqué with a review/forecast of solar activity, geomagnetism, the state of the ionosphere and communications conditions (daily).

For the Military Frequency Management Office (WBZC) CPH develops heliogeophysical data sets for forecasting shortwave propagation conditions and maintains 24/7 access to them, and prepares monthly forecasts of radio communications conditions for WBZC-defined areas.

In addition, it provides an online application called Routes 6.0 (Short Wave Radio Communications Conditions Calculation System), which allows the determination of optimal frequencies (short waves, 2-30 MHz) of communication between preset antennas on Earth from ionosphere models.

The Heliogeophysical Forecasting Center also conducts training and workshops for WBZC on the basics of ionospheric physics and the impact of space weather on propagation conditions.

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