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LSAF Instruments

Instruments developed and co-developed by LSAF

JUICE planetary probe. Photo: ESA

RPWI & SWI (JUICE mission)

RPWI/JUICE. The JUpiter ICy moons Explorer ESA L-class mission JUICE will perform advanced investigations of Jupiter and its system. The RPWI Radio & Plasma Waves Investigation is one of the scientific payload instrument. RPWI consists of a highly integrated

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Proba-3. Photo: ESA

Coronagraph (PROBA-3 mission)

PROBA-3 is the 3rd mission of the PROBA (Project for Onboard Autonomy) line. It is an experimental mission devoted to the in-orbit demonstration of formation flying techniques and technologies. The high level objectives of the PROBA-3 project are: The

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ASIM instrument attached to the International Space Station. Photo: NASA

MXGS (ASIM mission / ISS)

The Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor (ASIM) aboard ISS was proposed for studying the high-altitude, thunderstorm-related optical emission from the stratosphere and mesosphere. One of the two main instruments in ASIM is the Miniature-X and Gamma-ray Sensor (MXGS) designed by the

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HIFI instrument for Herschel space telescope. Photo: ESA

HIFI (Herschel mission)

The Herschel Space Observatory, the fourth cornerstone mission in the European Space Agency (ESA) science programme, was launched on 14th May 2009 and succesfully operated almost four years. Mission ended when the liquid helium supply was exhausted on 29

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INTEGRAL spacecraft. Photo: ESA

IBIS (INTEGRAL spacecraft)

INTEGRAL (International Gamma Ray Observatory) is a large ESA mission designed to study the gamma radiation in space. Satellite was launched into Earth orbit on October 2002. Polish CBK PAN participated in developing instruments and software for the mission.

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OPS-SAT satellite

OPS-SAT (3U CubeSat) will be a safe, hardware/software laboratory, flying in a LEO orbit, reconfigurable at every layer from channel coding upwards, devoted to demonstrate innovative new mission operation concepts. This ESA mission aims at providing powerful in-orbit tools

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Part of the STIX instrument at the CBK PAN labs. Photo: CBK PAN

STIX (Solar Orbiter mission)

The STIX Solar Orbiter (SOLO) will be launched by ESA in 2018 to perform observations of the Sun, the inner heliosphere and solar wind. SOLO will fly towards the Sun and will have approached the star closer than any

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