Centrum Badań Kosmicznych PAN

tel. (+48) 224-966-200

Crisis Information Centre

Crisis Information Centre (CIK) unites savoir-faire of science development and end-users view. We are part of Earth Observation Group in Space Research Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences.

The main aim of CIK activities is to increase effectiveness in the field of rescue and crisis management by:

  • effective usage of existing technical capabilities in the field of geospatial information,
  • developing new methods and tools in this field, particularly development of usage of satellite techniques.

CIK activities covers:

  • expert advisory for the State Fire Service and crisis management institutions in usage of geospatial and satellite information,
  • geoinformatcis support for the State Fire Service and Polish non-governmental organisations that operate outside of Polish borders,
  • testing usability of new, pre-operational technical solutions during exercises. 
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