Centrum Badań Kosmicznych PAN

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Earth Observation Division

Research Fields:

Earth Observation Division specializes in remote sensing with special interest on:

  • Environment – monitoring of land and marine waters at the local and regional level, the assessment of human impact on the environment, satellite climatology (snow cover and clouds monitoring).
  • Security and Crisis Management – natural disasters risk assessment (floods, fires) using satellite technology (monitoring developments in time), control of borders, planning large events.
  • Spatial planning – analysis of the urban and rural areas for the optimal use of resources
  • Education – give workshops and training in the field of Earth observation for End Users, professionals and general society

Our scientists specialize in:

  • Processing of satellite data and production of maps
  • Image classification: unattended, supervised, object-oriented, hybrid
  • Change analysis based on radar (SAR) and multispectral time series
  • Natural and environmental indicators
  • Spatial analysis and modelling (i.e. indicators of terrain availability and operability)
  • Development of algorithms and software for processing and interpretation of data (GIS applications development)
  • Validation and Quality control

Earth Observation Division implements international projects of the European Commission (6th and 7th FP) and the European Space Agency (PECS) within the framework of the Earth Observation program development.

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