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Dudnik O., Sylwester J., Kowaliński M., Podgórski P., Didenko H., Zajtsevskiy I., Perevertaylo O. (2021). Design features of the STEP-f particle detector and the SPHINX solar X-ray spectrophotometer as seeds for revealing some peculiar properties of the Earth radiation belts. The Report “Space Research in Ukraine 2018-2020” for the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR), pp. 133 – 140,


Abstrakt/Abstract: The radiation belts of the Earth and the variations of high energy electron and proton fluxes in the magnetosphere are the targets for intensive exploration by the scientific community. Quickly grown number of artificial Earth satellites around the Earth supports the continuous improvement of the space weather forecast quality. As the charged space environment affects the wide aspects of human civilization, the sustained monitoring of energized elementary particles is an important current task. Different methods and sensors are developed to provide measurements of particle fluxes at Low Earth Orbits (LEOs), geos tationary orbits, and in the interplanetary space

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