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Schillak S., Lejba P., Michałek P., Suchodolski T., Smagło A., Zapaśnik S. (2022). Analysis of the Results of the Borowiec SLR Station (7811) for the Period 1993–2019 as an Example of the Quality Assessment of Satellite Laser Ranging Stations. Sensors 2022, 22(2), 616; doi: 10.3390/s22020616

Abstrakt/Abstract: This paper presents the results of an orbital analysis of satellite laser ranging data performed by the Borowiec SLR station (7811) in the period from July 1993 to December 2019, including the determination of the station positions and velocity. The analysis was performed using the GEODYN-II orbital program for the independent monthly orbital arcs from the results of the LAGEOS-1 and LAGEOS-2 satellites. Each arc was created from the results of the laser observations of a dozen or so selected stations, which were characterized by a large number of normal points and a good quality of observations. The geocentric and topocentric coordinates of the station were analyzed. Factors influencing the uncertainty of the measurements were determined: the number of the normal points, the dispersion of the normal points in relation to the orbits, and the long-term stability of the systematic deviations. The position leap at the end of 2002 and its interpretation in ITRF2014 were analyzed. The 3D stability of the determined positions throughout the period of study was equal to 12.7 mm, with the uncertainty of determination being at the level of 4.3 mm. A very high compliance of the computed velocity of the Borowiec SLR station (24.9 mm/year) with ITRF2014 (25.0 mm/year) was found.

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